Habanero Adventures

You could really imagine the heat of this post. Yes, exactly, there was a big catastrophe in my cooking experiment today. Well, what was I doing? Just a small cheap portion of Hummus, without garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, tahini and paprika, but replaced with some odd looking chillies and tomatoes, a lot of it.

Odd Chillies

Once done, I spread it nicely in a saucer and had my first bite on it. This happened.


They really didn't seem fishy or wild for me, but I did have this notion that in UK, there's nothing really called "spicy" and really didn't read this bit of information given in the pack of the mixed hot chillies. Well, that's here for you to have a look and get some awareness about the chillies.


And that's when I came to know that it was Habanero Chilli, the small one, I should have been extra careful. Thankfully, I had a huge 4 pint milk bottle full of milk and was able to finish it to extinguish the fire in my poor lil tummy.

Thanks for reading! 😇

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