The in-house and mid-native-page ad – This is wow!

I was going through an article in Wikipedia and was slightly amazed to find this: 🙀

Wikipedia In-house Ad

Well, at first I was amazed at the layout of where the ad is placed, as it is placed just inside the article, where it can be confused along with the content of article. 😐

But actually, the other thing baffled me was, when I was telling this world, through Facebook that I am surprised to find this kind of native ad placement, Facebook's Image Recognition and AI stuff 😳 says this:

Facebook Native Page Ads

If you see this, Facebook has scraped the image content and recognised that I am trying to raise money for Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 😎 Have anyone else come across such a magic?

Wow, well done Facebook! Well done! 👍🏻

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