Experimental Dish turned out to be Awesome!

Since **enter some non-sense excuse**, I haven't been to my kitchen for so long. So I thought my cooking skills became weak. Today, it was so happened, I had to cook and pack some food to the office, because of **again some non-sense challenge at the office**. So I started to the kitchen to find the following items available for me today.

Items Found

  • Chick Peas (boiled, in water). 🐤
  • Tomatoes, sandwich ones. 🍅
  • Diced Onions, not sure when I bought it. 🌰
  • Chilli, was something similar to red Jalapeño, but was sweet. 🌶️
  • Vegetable Oil, definitely not mine. 🛢️


First, I diced the sandwich tomatoes and set it aside, while I took a huge saucepan and started boiling the vegetable oil of considerable amount. Once the vegetable oil started fuming, I put in the diced onions and started to fry. I totally forgot that I had those peppers and I took one that was too fat and diced it and added to the boiling fry mix.

Since, the chick peas are contained in a can, I had to throw away the stock water and cleaned the chick peas with drinking water for about five times in total. The clean chick peas is set aside. Gently, after all the onions are fried golden brown, I added three tomatoes, diced extremely small to the mixture and added the set chick peas as well.

For about ten minutes, I was frying the mixture by adding little salt and water, and then came the final master piece.

Almost End of Cooking

I had to add some red hot chilli powder, which I stopped using as it constituted to fat content, but instead mixed it with some brine and added it to the mixture. The gravy came out really well. The peppers that I put added some sweet to the gravy and it was ecstatic. Along with all these, I had my electric rice cooker, whistling that the Sona Masoori rice is cooked and ready to be served.

Finally, this is what it looked like

I was more or less longing to eat some curd rice. All I had was some Low Fat Yogurt, so I don't need to care about my diet in that case. So I took this as the final take:

Curd Rice

Note: The dish was too yummy and I slept off totally on the bus, while going to the office. This time hopefully, I didn't forget my lunch box! 😋

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