WhatsApp Status for Web & Desktop Released

There were few talks like WhatsApp Status is coming up for the Web and Desktop, is now released. I believe it's gonna have a lot of improvements coming days, as I could see it as a simple, cheap-ass LightBox effect image gallery. Also, not sure if everyone has got this feature now.

Demonstrating this Step by Step in WhatsApp Web:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web:

  2. Take your Android / iPhone / Windows mobile and sign in to WhatsApp Web:

  3. When you have successfully signed in, you should see this:

  4. If you can see the WhatsApp Status icon:

  5. It shows up a screen like this:

You are all done to use the WhatsApp Web. Enjoy! It does look I covered this one first even before the official WhatsApp blog says it! 😇

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