Thinking of pursuing Masters in the United Kingdom? Think Leicester

Hello, there! I believe you have taken a decision to pursue your Masters in the United Kingdom. Comparing with Indian Education System, I would really say the British System is way better and more practical to the current requirement. There are a few universities, which even train the students based on industry requirement and make them fully employable.

I completed my Masters in Cloud Computing from University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom. I can talk for ages if I want to back my university up. And that's the same reason I am writing this article. This gives you an overall idea of what the university is about and why I like it, why should you join it, etc. And as before, I will clarify all your questions in the comments. This article also guides you on how to start your stepping stone to the university!

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This article is divided into following sections, where each of them will be an article of their own:

Universities in the United Kingdom

The main reasons why I, a person from India, would choose a university from the United Kingdom and not the United States of America is:

  • America Fever. There are thousands of people rushing for America rather than any other country. I was working with a huge conglomerate. The only question I have been hearing is, have I been to the US? How long will it take for me to go to the US. Seriously? Why US? That's why no to America.
  • Indo-British Relations. I whole heartedly agree we got independence from them by 1947. But they have contributed a lot to India. Also, we have taken a lot from them. Notable examples include our Rippon Building, Broadway, etc.
  • Hollywood. Why does it always have to be targeted towards the United States? Let it be aliens, war, and even science! This totally annoys me just because US makes a big marketing propaganda and gives an impression that whatever happens, US gets targeted and attacked first! Seriously?

So because of the above reasons I started a, kind of, no go towards the United States.


Postgraduate study can be the foundation to a great career. It can turn an existing career into something brilliant, help you change careers or help you to pursue your passion. For more information regarding post graduate study, please refer to Postgraduates at University of Leicester.

You will find ways on the following:

Post Graduate Course Types

You generally have two types of courses offered here. If you are planning to work here, it is always advised to get the one that offers with Industry degrees as you can get a taste of how it would be for you to work in the United Kingdom, without the need of getting into a job hunt and visa (if you need one). The university provides with Industry degree just for that same reason. Try before you buy!

  • Post Graduate MSc
    • You will get either a MSc or PGDip, when you complete your course.
    • A full time course will be 12-16 months.
    • Course starts January and September each year.
  • Post Graduate MSc with Industry
    • You will get a MSc degree when you complete your course.
    • A full time course will be 21-24 months.
    • Course starts January and September each year.

This might be confusing for some, if they are not from the United Kingdom. Yes, people joining in January:

  • Will be studying the second semester first, then the first semester next.
  • Will have 3-4 months longer to spend than the September joinees.
  • Might not have the time to stay for the Graduation, if not placed or if visa runs out.

Starting your Preparation

Well, you must be mentally, physically and financially prepared for the course. You should be typically starting your preparation at least six months prior to your start date. There are some steps for the best application possible here. Just have this as a guide but don't completely rely on this. You can, by all means, call me to confirm if you have any questions and I can talk to the MSc Courses Director and get back to you ASAP (I know how important it is for you).

The steps involved in this process are:

  • Apply for the University through their official website.
  • Get your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number.
  • Check if you are eligible for their English language requirements, if not please look at the various exams you can take.
  • Apply for education loan from a reputed financial institute. I am not endorsing this, but just for your information, I took my loan from Credila, a HDFC company. I have seen that they were the most demotivating people in the world, but the staff who dealt with my case was really a gem in his attitude and helpfulness. Talk to me for more information.
  • Get your Tuberculosis Test done at the registered clinics in your country (India).
  • Apply for Visa. It is important that you also familiarise yourself with the latest information on making a visa application (as this is not an exhaustive list) by consulting the UKVI guidance.
  • Once you get your visa processed and your passport and visa back, please book a flight.
  • Make sure you pack things that are outlined in Things to Bring, so that you have a better time when you land in the United Kingdom.
  • Last, but not least. Two things:
    • Bring a friend with you to study (like how I did), so that you don't find lonely, if there's no one in the United Kingdom for you.
    • Make sure you book:
    • National Express coach, if you are arriving to London, from London Heathrow to Leicester St. Margaret's Bus Station. It's not more than 5.00 £ to come to Leicester.
    • Train, if you are arriving to Birmingham or anywhere else, to Leicester Railway Station, which costs about 13.50 £ (from Birmingham), a bit costly, but nice.

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