Story of Geetha Govindam - Every bachelor's dream to have such a love story!

Generally, I don't write movie reviews unless the movie gave me an extreme impact in my life and one such movie is none other than Geetha Govindam. For the past three weeks, until the movie's release, I have been literally mad about seeing it in the theatres and finally I got a chance to see it. I am completely into the Geetha Govindam world and it's definitely hard to come out of it, at least for a few months.


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The story is about a happy-go-lucky innocent bachelor guy, who had a great idea of how he wants his marriage life to be, but hasn't got a girl in his life yet and meets his love of his life in a temple, who in fact, is going to be his sister-in-law. Unfortunately, he gets his first meeting messed up and the rest of the story revolves around how he's going to prove his innocence and wins her over his love towards her.

Inkem Inkem Song Madness

I have to definitely say this. About a month before the movie's release, one of its songs, Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaale got released and literally every single person (esp. boys) have been sharing the song. I had no clue what the song was about and at a point of time, I started hating it for being shared for so many times. The production company then released a video of all the five songs combined as a trailer.

Then came the other "YouTube Movie Maniacs" to create versions of the original song. They chose the trailer and compiled a video song that might make the watchers believe it's as good as the original one. I am pretty sure, the music rights holder, Aditya Music and GA2 Pictures would have taken down the compiled video song from YouTube quoting copyright reasons.

The moment this "compiled video" got released, many people including me got mad about watching the movie as soon as it released, but being in a remote location in Cornwall, I had literally no way to watch the movie in theatres. I am going to ask the movie producers for a way for me to watch the movie. I hope it will be made available for people like me here in the Cornish county of the United Kingdom.

Teaser not a Trailer

After a few days later, the movie production company released a "teaser", which is no way considered a trailer. The way the teaser has been designed is to make you literally fall for the movie. It had a lot of intriguing scenes and dialogues that makes anyone to build up the curiosity to watch the full movie. Get your curiosity up by watching the teaser yourself.

My View

Finally, I did get a chance to get into their world. I got a chance to watch the movie and even though it's going to cost me about 10 £ (equivalent to 1000 ₹), I am going to watch more than ten times! I am so serious about this. The acting of both the protagonists was extremely natural and I couldn't find a flaw other than the heroine changing her attitude towards the hero in the second half.

The main reason for me to fall for the movie is the attitude of the heroine. I won't be saying she's dominant, but somewhat she is. I really liked the way, our poor guy tries to get his character right in front of the love of his life. It can be totally related to any bachelor, trying to woo his love. I am not an exception for this either. Wow, the struggles made by him and finally the annoyance he goes through were pretty natural and relatable.

I really feel at the end, when our hero is vexed and gives up on her, when she comes to say her love towards him was understandable but didn't suit for the situation because of the decision, our hero took due to a small misunderstanding. Well, this is natural as no one can understand any other person, and at times, we can't understand ourselves too. That was the only part I felt the director could have made it better, but compensated it in the climax.

I could very much relate the hero's character as we both have been in the same professions and also personally too. Both of us are also yearning for a mother's love. That's one of the reasons for me to relate to the movie. Altogether, this is a best movie for me to cherish the movie moments for life time. And definitely, it would be the dream of every "eligible" bachelor to have a girl with such an attitude. Tell me a single person who might not like this girl's attitude.


Terrible Terrible Warning: The plot mentioned here contain spoilers. Make sure you have seen the movie fully before reading this article.

The movie starts with a lady (Nithya Menon) on car breaking down. She finds our happy-go-lucky innocent bachelor guy (Vijay Devarakonda) sitting disappointed on the roadside platform and she strikes a conversation with him. He starts to say about his "love failure" story. The whole story seems to be a flash back until climax. Vijay and his friends are watching Indian Movie on a projector and he asks what they feel about a scene where Kamal Hassan and Sukanya (who are old people) and explains the love between them even at this age.

Vijay, a college lecturer is stalked by a few girls from his college and other places for his charmness and innocence. He keeps dreaming of a perfect married life but he couldn't see the face of the girl.

I am still working on my plot writing skills. Sorry about that. 😔


I shared this article I wrote with my friends who are following me in WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media and I am really happy to have such a love towards this movie. I just took a few snaps of the responses and here they are.


Altogether, this is one of the best romantic full length comedy movies that I watched in the recent times and it's definite that it makes you laugh and hurts your stomach in every scene. This is a must watch and I am happy to give a rating of a hundred for a ten star rating! Yea, 100/10, which is ten times than 10/10. Happy watching.

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