Stack Overflow's new stunt for this April Fools? Back to the Future!

Stack Overflow has been the go to place for the developers. So if you want to get the attention of all the developers of the world, well, do something globally at Stack Overflow. Just like many big giants, Stack Overflow has been doing some serious April Fools day stunts, starting from the moment, April 1st is struck in any time zone.

For the year of 2019, the theme is Back to the Future! As it sounds, it technically takes you back, a few decades and you would see Marquees flying over, welcoming to Stack Overflow, Comic Sans MS fonts and the old "Times New Roman", which I am pretty sure it's extinct right now (some merciless legal people use Arial for everything).

Stack Overflow Question Page

To add more fun to the already available craziness, Stack Overflow has put up some glitters, when your mouse moves like this and to add to it, there's also a unicorn being put as a background to the whole page.


The left sidebars have been changed to meet the requirements to be back in the past by adding Under Construction headings in bold using Comic Sans MS fonts and enveloping the sections using the police's under construction ribbon. Wait, did I miss out telling that the main background is a tiled old stack overflow logo, which is also made of Comic Sans MS?


On top of all these, to honour our Unicorn species, they have also rejuvenated the old game of 1996s, Unikong! It's created by Stack Overflow, featuring J. Skeet and trolls (I guess it's Jon Skeet). You can also play the game from Stack Overflow (which unfortunately I couldn't get the link as a power user doesn't get bombarded with the ads) from the ads section, which looks like the 90's ads.


For those unlucky people, you can actually play a working version of the game from 2016, right on GitHub Pages of Stack Exchange. This is one great way of crazy stuff done by Stack Exchange and it's indeed awesome. At first I was feeling that it was my machine that has got a malware, but yeah, I am completely wrong in this case and this is a pure enjoyment of back to the past! Well played, Stack Exchange.

Once again, a hater of the comics? You have a quick button that takes you to the future, er., present. Just click on the clock icon next to your notifications basket icon in the top bar and you'll be back to the present.

Present Button

Pen down your thoughts or questions to me in comments, until the next big thing! 😅

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