Spamming People who Spam - Is it bad?

Recently, I have received a lot of unsolicited emails from unknown senders asking me to buy VPS or Virtual Private Servers. Okay, so what are these "VPS" deals anyway? With Virtual Private Servers, you can do anything in the internet from hosting a website to using it for bigger and well, here are more things that you can put your VPS to work on:

  • Use your VPS as a Game Server.
  • Use your VPS as a secure Data Backup Solution.
  • Use your VPS to offer Added Security to your customers.
  • Use your VPS to run an E-Commerce Platform.
  • Use your VPS to handle sudden spikes in heavy traffic.

There are many important factors to be considered while choosing a VPS for your project or work. Some of the highlighted items that you need to take care are:

  • RAM and CPU
  • Control Panel
  • Service Reliability
  • Company Track Record

The four major points are really really important for making a decision on purchasing something. But, what happens to people recently is annoying! So, you have got your personal GMail filled with bull crap like this:

Okay, let's drill down to one single email for now. Let's take our case of that Manan Murgan @$$h013 (if you know, what I mean). When you inspect the email, at first I didn't find the logic behind it. So people like me are targeted based on the demographics. Well, to make it clear, I am from South India, a Tamil / Telugu speaking person, and I am comfortable speaking or dealing with person who's from the same demographics.

Somehow, these spammers (read scammers) get my private (well, I don't want to tell others, who I like to deal with!) information illegally and try to masquerade someone whom I could trust! The sender's name looks familiar and I would be happy to initiate a chat with that guy, for whatsoever reason!

Now comes the really shocking part. When you open the email, I get this shit!

There are so many "crap identifiers" (or they say "fraud identifiers" in corporate lingo) when you have a quick look.

  1. The name says it's Manan Murgan, but the email address is totally different, something like [email protected].
  2. I was BCCd, which means, the email is not just for me, but for a bunch of gullible people like me.
  3. Looking more into the email meta, I could decipher a lot. See the below image for the generic email meta, which can be accessed by everyone by clicking on the caret after bcc: me.
    • Now there's more suspicion for me.
    • No To: address. Only BCC:.
    • Different Reply-to address.
    • Reply-to address has some kind of an identifier. This clearly shows that the above person is not at all legitimate and trying to trick the shit out of you to steal stuff from you!
  4. Looking at all these things, I am presented with a generic content, going on like Dear Sir / Madam! I am like What the Fish!
  5. Last but not least, I didn't even ask for this shit. Why do I get this email?

Oh very well, the last point is rather very easy to answer. They want money money money! They wanna steal all the money from gullible users and give some shit worth a penny! I was just really pissed of with these emails popping in my inbox, which is a sacred place.

So what's next?

I would advice all the newbies and everyone, whether a newbie or experienced, not to fall prey for this scam. People would find that a diamond is available for them just for the price of brass (not even bronze). Not only taking care not to start a conversation with these guys and making my personal information more legitimate, I have gone an extra mile to register their email addresses:

On all the NSFW websites, ****ography websites, and other illegal sites and also publicised the emails elsewhere in public too! Also, I have forwarded the email to SpamNesty. What do you think I should have done? Should I have done more? Let me know in the comments.

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