Solution to Git Bash is very slow in Windows!

I had to use git client in my corporate Windows machine for my current project and I am extensively using it for the past two months. For some reason, for about a week's time, I was having this feel of git client on the command line, running really slow. I thought of doing something up to speed up things and then found these nifty commands:

git config --global core.preloadindex true  
git config --global core.fscache true  
git config --global 256  

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The descriptions of the above lines of commands are:

  • core.preloadindex does filesystem operations in parallel to hide latency (update: enabled by default in git 2.1).
  • core.fscache fixes UAC issues so you don't need to run git as admin (update: enabled by default in Git for Windows 2.8).
  • minimizes the number of files in .git/.

This at least gave me a better speed of git client running on the command line for the time being.

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