Motivation behind Cloudroit

Hello to all! For those who are wondering what Cloudroit is, this would be a right start. Being a User Experience Architect along with a background that involves Cloud Computing and other ground-breaking technologies, I find a lot of gaps that can be bridged with technology in the terms of :

  • User Experience & Accessibility
  • Visual Design
  • User Interfaces
  • Security & Privacy
  • Scalability & Maintenance

These are the main areas of research for Cloudroit. So, if you ask if Cloudroit is a Web Development Company, then the answer is No. It's an Open Source Research platform where a number of experiments happen in order to make the web safe, secure, pleasing, accessible and scalable. We are starting with offering some solutions for existing corporates on the areas of:

  • Cloud Computing Architecture & Consultation
  • User Experience & User Centric Design
  • Web & Mobile Application Development & Optimisation

Cloud Computing Architecture & Consultation

This is going to be the heart of Cloudroit. People have access to enormous free cloud computing resources, yet fall prey for very well marketed services of lower quality, not a dedicated one to one support buddy or mentor to guide them in getting the right one. As a Cloud Computing Consultant, we can assess the use-case on a case by case basis and give advice on the right stuff.

Cloud Computing

User Experience & User Centric Design

Another big gap exists in designing the application interfaces and components. There should be a proper way of designing the User Interfaces. Let's think of the following two models.

User Experience & User Centric Design User Experience & User Centric Design

The numerous methods involved in the development process aren't considered by many corporate industries of higher sizes. Many go with the principle that if it works, we don't need to make it better. There should be a better way of making it easy to implement all the necessary steps for better UX and Accessibility, which is seen with great concern in most of the western countries.

Web & Mobile Application Development & Optimisation

I don't deny that India is improving in its technological background. When we see the Internet speed statistics in the villages, it is still worse. I come from a village, from where even CEOs of top Indian and multi-national companies have hailed. One such district is Mohanur. Still the Internet penetration is less than 5% compared to the whole country.

Irrespective of the Internet penetration, the speeds are extremely low and the data transfer, server responsiveness, domain resolution, and other parameters for any kind of API based development needs to be optimised for such low speeds. India still is below the Global Average for both peak and connection speeds. The main research here will be making transitions in the range of:

  • Splitting data and presentation and completely remove presentation layer in APIs.
  • Having thick clients and using Internet only for data transfer.
  • Using Local Storage and caching services.

These are some ideas for the ongoing research and there are more to come in the areas of improvement. Keeping fingers crossed! ☺

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