Keyboard acting weird after MacBook Pro cleaning solved!

Recently I bought a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) on March 2017 and it's June 2017 the same day, I thought of cleaning the Mac and followed the instructions. I did everything as given online (well, right sources) and woah! My Mac is as new as before.

Horror! 😱

When I switched on the fake new MacBook Pro, the keyboard started behaving weird and I was like what the 🤐. After a few searches online (well, it was tough with such a lousy keyboard) and I found something that might work and it worked for me!

For Macs acting strangely after a clean of the keyboard.

Quite often we will get people who were cleaning they're mac (mostly portables who can't remove the keyboard and avoid the power button) who will accidentally turn it on and off again in the process, and report that afterwards to be experiencing some problems such as:

  • Loud fan, not sleeping when the lid is closed
  • Can't change keyboard brightness
  • Battery not charging or being detected
  • No Bluetooth or USB working, etc.

This can quite easily be fixed by resetting the SMC (System Management Controller).

To do this, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Macbooks WITHOUT removable batteries: Turn off the macbook, Simultaneously Press left Shift + Control + Option and the Power button, then release them at the same time. Turn On.
  • Macbooks WITH removable batteries: Turn Off, Unplug power, remove battery, press power button for 5 seconds, install battery, plug in power, turn on.
  • Desktops: Turn Off, Remove Power Cable, Press Power Button for 5 seconds, Plug in Power Cable, Turn On.

This also happens often when people are installing keyboard decals.

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