Hello, World!

It has been and will always be my passion on development and mentoring, but when I say mentoring, I not only teach people what I know, but also I learn from them and the experience. And that’s the reason for me, starting to blog. I wanted to share my knowledge with the world. I haven’t had a right arena for that. Right now, I am determined to do what it takes to be a good mentor, a good developer and a good blogger as well. 😼 It may not sound great for this first post of mine, having a techie title and so on, but yea, I bet you will find more techie contents in the blog.

Okay, so who's this strange person? 🤔

For those people who don’t know about me, I am Praveen Kumar, basically originally technically and logically from India, (which you can find by using this -ally) having done my Masters from the prestigious (at least for me) University of Leicester 🎓 and right now working with a big multi-national company in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I have been here for the past one year and in the England for around three years. I am a crazy cat person. When it comes to life or cats, I would happily choose cats! 😼 That’s the main bit you should be knowing when you are dealing with me. Get me a cute kitten, and you’ll get your work (something that you need help from me) solved.

So I am... 😳

Apart from that, I am a full stack web developer, too much passionate on User Experience, Interaction Design, Front End Engineering, and Cloud Computing. ☁ Basically I design stuff using vector graphics and code using Front End Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery) and some decent programming languages (PHP, MySQL). Personally I hate Java, (please don’t ask why) for being so old and have a little passion towards Microsoft .NET and Ruby on Rails. I have tried everything heavenly to understand Perl and Python, but I failed miserably. I have been trying them for a long, but I don’t think I will be able to master either of them.

I always had (and will continue to have) a passion for mentoring people and making them better in many ways. I started mentoring my friends in the areas I am good at. As a result, I am too much active (till January, and may be after April) in Stack Overflow helping people solve their issues on the areas I am expert in, and also learn from other answers and the original posters (OP) coming up with crazy questions. Currently, I have been banned to get a life, which is good for me, as [undisclosed obvious and non-obvious reasons] I was addicted to a level where I was answering questions and harvesting the reputation there, without having food! 😳 I was literally starving for almost fifty hours!

The other thing I do is professionally mentor students and professionals on different mentoring services. 👍🏻 I have mentored people for free for the most of time and [let’s not talk business here] would like to continue doing so as long as it doesn't take too much of my time. I am currently mentoring few students and some professionals online (which you can obviously find easily) and you can find some good reviews on them as well. This is one more way, I encourage my friends to take this as an opportunity to teach people and learn from them as well.

Cut out the techie stuff dude! 😡

Leaving the techie stuff aside, I love to experiment cooking and I have tried a lot of “concept dishes” when I am alone. Yes, I don’t want people to have it and get them killed. I am too young to go to a prison! 😃 Just kidding. I do cook very well and you can find some of my experiences shared here and on my facebook profile. I have very little option here in the England as I am a pure-vegetarian turned into an ovo-vegetarian 🍳 due to the current situation.

I would devote most of my experiences in cooking to a few friends, whom I got acquainted during my University at Leicester, and it crazily looks like they are the only friends I currently look up to for anything and everything. Those "brainies" can read my brain and mind literally and I don’t hesitate to seek their advice on most of the stuff!

Heads Up! You can comment 💬 on my posts anonymously and if you need more amount of anonymity, you can let me know in the comments, as all the comments are moderated. Happy reading!

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