Google Developer Tools - Upgraded!

Developers, designers, and the full stack guys like me have a big issue in taking screenshots of the web pages they design. I don't deny the fact that there are lots of software and plugins available for it. But is there anything that can be as trustworthy as Google Chrome developer tools?

Today morning I was happy that my Google Chrome got upgraded. I found a little nifty link that says "What's New?" right in the Google developer tools. And the first one that I noticed was taking full page screenshots, using Google developer tools.

And when I clicked on the link, it went to this video and trust me, it's awesome!

I hope we can stop using other plugins for screenshots when we are planning to develop. And yeah, I am really happy because I don't need to give this stupid CSS rule to remove the scrollbar when I am taking a screenshot henceforth.

body {overflow: hidden;}  

Happy full stacking folks! 😊

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