Exotic Saman!

Exotic comes from the Greek word Exotikos meaning foreign and Saman is a colloquial word in India for Things. From the stone age to the modern age the definition and the challenges of the exotic saman have evolved. In a world like this where everything changes in the blink of an eye, we at Exotic Saman believe into taking a leap to achieve the unexpected. 

What is Exotic Saman about?

Bringing your needs to doorstep maybe?

How is this achieved?

Globalisation has made it possible for people to travel, live and work in countries all over the world. As we travel further away from our native into foreign lands, there are few things we would always miss especially food. A Tamil-Speaking-Indian living in Alaska will miss the Tirunelveli Halwa from a shop whereas a Bengali might miss his rasagulla from another shop or a Gujarati his Kakra or Punjabi his sohan papadi and all Indian favourite Urga or Achaar or Pickles.

Our mission at Exotic Saman is to enable customers across the globe to get a hold of a variety of exotic, unique & special items from all across the globe while directly empowering the local economy, community and its people.

We also guarantee shipment at the fastest rate!

To give you a unique shopping experience. To make you choose your options from around the world with just a click!  Our associates will be committed to finding you new, unique Exotic Samans from around the globe to add to your product list. 

This is the Exotic Saman age and bringing you on par with the Exotic Revolution. Get Exotic!

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