Enabling POST request for Ghost Blog

I have a problem. I am creating a Facebook App for my blog, which actually resides as 🌍 My Blog in Facebook. The sad part is that, Facebook Apps need two things for an App to work:

  • Should have πŸ”’ https://.
  • Should accept HTTP POST request.

Unfortunately, the Ghost blog doesn't allow this. When you try sending a HTTP POST request to your Ghost installation, you encounter something like this:

Page not found.

This is bad, as when your website is live, and when it is shown this way to the users, it kinda sucks. 😑 So, the best way is to hack into the router of this open source gem and add some nice handlers in the πŸ—ˆ frontend.js, so your site doesn't break when Facebook requests the App website through a HTTP POST method:

// Handle the POST requests and send a temporary redirect to the main page.
router.post('/', function (req, res) {  
  utils.redirect301(res, '/');

Note: Since I have installed my blog in the root, I use / after the res. If you have installed in a sub-directory, say /blog/ or something, just use the path from the domain.

You need to add this before the export function, πŸ—ˆ which would be like:

return router;  

Now, if the Facebook App sends a HTTP POST request, it shows your awesome blog. Hope this was useful to someone, who is using their Ghost blog installation for Facebook Apps. 😎

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